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Labels for storage containers - Entire Collection

Part Number 10235
Labels for storage containers - Entire Collection
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Set of 56 self-adhesive labels (3 x .5") for your storage boxes. Labels for the entire collection of maps!
*Now includes the labels for the United States and US History maps. The labels are printed on color-coded stickers that match the flags for easy sorting.

5 United States labels
3 Early America labels
4 United States History 1800s
3 World labels
5 North America labels
5 Central America labels
5 South America labels
5 Europe labels
5 Asia labels
5 Africa labels
5 Australia/ Oceania labels
2 Land & Water Form labels
3 Australia States, Canada Provinces, UK countries (light green labels)
1 Biome label (tan)

For the Complete Set - World & Continents you will need about 32 storage boxes and for the USA set/ US History maps you will need about 12 storage boxes. I recommend purchasing the IRISŪ Photo & Craft Keeper case of 6 or the IRISŪ Photo Keeper Large (16) from your local hobby store.

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