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Complete Map Set - Classroom Package

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Complete Map Set - Classroom Package
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The classroom set includes two sets of colored flag labels and national flags, as well as 8 pieces of foam backboard with plastic corners. They are perfect for a classroom, because the teacher will have an extra set of flag labels on-hand to replace flags when needed. The set comes with a piece of foam for each pin map, so children working on different continents can have their map ready.

The pin flags are so easy to assemble you can get the 8-map set on a Friday and use it in your classroom on Monday. They are fun for all ages. You can use them in the primary (preschool) classroom as a play mat for the miniature animals, plants and people, and you can use them through high school to supplement grade level curriculum.
The maps will quickly become a favorite activity for your students. Students will especially enjoy pinning the 23 volcanoes and 4 waterfalls. Using the complete set of maps children will learn the names, capitals and flags of 196 countries around the world, which include the European microstates and small island nations. They will also learn science topics such as the types of forests around the world, salt and fresh water lakes, and plate tectonics.

Pin maps and flags are printed on heavy 14 pt. cardstock. The flags are cut and ready for you to assemble! For more details, please see product information in the FAQ.

8 -- 18 x 24" Pin Maps (World, North America, South America, Central America/ Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia/ Oceania)
8 -- Foam Sheets (18 x 24 x .5") with plastic corners
30 -- 12 x 18" Control Maps
2 -- sets of 1147 flag labels and national flags (2294 total)
1147 Flag poles and flag bases
1/2" Transparent Scotch tape for colored flag labels
3/4" Transparent Scotch tape for national flags
*Does NOT include straight pins. Use size 28: 1-3/4 inch straight pins. You can get them from (affiliate link below) or your local hobby store.
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WARNING: Contains small parts, which are a choking hazard.
ORIGIN: Maps, flag labels, and foam sheets are made in the USA. Flag poles and bases are imported from China.